As more and more letters get added into the Alphabet Soup I have notice also another trend in which individuals are thrown out of pride or denounced as pariahs in the Alphabet Soup.

White gay men, police officers, leather men, drag queens, gays that are into physical fitness, gays who don’t want to have sexual relations with transmen, and others are routinely denounced.

There are LGBT in the police forces and the idea of the rainbow flag is inclusion. One of the questions that needs to be asked is where does this stop. Will LGBT bankers be banned, LGBT members…

In the the various alphabet soups now presented to use, LGBTQ, LGBTQI, LGBTQIA, LGBTQIAP+ and I am sure there are more, Q stands for “Queer.” We now have queer studies and queer this or that.

It has two problems.

  1. It is a slur which has been imposed on gays by elites and persons involved with the production and consumption of avant gardism without consideration of the feelings of the broad masses of the gay community.
  2. It is straight-centric. All these communities under this umbrella term are define relative to a certain narrow heterosexuality. It is another way of saying deviants…

The idea that the sex repressive attitudes of some feminists won’t end up repressing gay people is naive. (6/8/2021) This article is in development.

Consider this medium author’s article.

This is her website.

Moral panic seems to be her occupation. This is framed in terms of protecting persons below 18, but the goal is to suppress all of porn as a public health problem. She is not some marginal person, she is professor emeritus of Sociology and Women’s Studies from Wheelock College of Boston University in Boston. She is on major media frequently. She is the co-founder of Stop Porn…

[Go to our Gay Partisan Facebook page. Link at the very end.]

This ongoing groveling for acceptance by Christian denominations of gays really undermines the gay movement. This happens in both Protestantism and Catholicism.

I am going to use two examples, the Roman Catholic Church and United Methodist Church for discussion, with a brief comment on Evangelical Christianity after discussing Respectability Politics.


Gays seeking church acceptance will very likely want to be LGBTQXYZ that are acceptable to straight Christians. They will curb their behavior and discussion to what they think will be acceptable to straight Christians.

Even with a denomination that has gay clergy, there won’t be a gay couples…

The laundry list liberationists have attempted to do to minority communities what has been done to the gay community. Racial minorities aren’t having it. They feel empowered to push back.

So far Black History Month in February hasn’t been converted to BIPOC history month. Actually there is a Black History Month, Asian History Month (May), and Hispanic Heritage Month (Sept. 15 to Oct. 15), haven’t been merged together into a POC month.

I think that this article’s arguments against BIPOC basically apply to LGBTQIAP+.

All ready someone is asking for an “L” to be added to BIPOC because they feel…

This is a list of article and blogs not written by me about the repression of the gay community led by the LGBTQXYZ establishment and moralistic and repressive elements into it. Also, no one is actually LGBTQA+ we are either L, G, B, T, Q, A or what the other sexualities are supposed to be. This is laundry list liberation where the existence of different communities is obscured and it is a laundry list of sexual types.

Let me know if you know of other articles or blogs that would be good additions to this list.

We have a gay…

The is the article in Medium by Jeffry J. Lovannone recently published. At end of this page is the Internet Archived link to this essay. Also, since one of the key points supporting Lovannone’s article is a journal for which questions regarding the credibility of the journal can be raised, Lovannone might decide to edit his article.

I have generally decided not to critique essays on Medium because Medium seems to be the repository of cranks and people who don’t have impact beyond their Medium column. (Yes, I am on Medium, but I am thinking of moving.)

Lovannone is however…

This is a link to an article attacking Drag Queens in The Stanford Daily at Stanford Univ. in California by transgender Lily Zheng.

There is a claim that Drag hurts women. Lily Zheng states:

More specifically, drag is often used as a means for cisgender, queer men to perform a caricatured, hypersexualized and stereotyped femininity that ultimately hurts women.

Zheng rejects that Drag is a subversion of gender roles.

The article is mostly just assertions. There isn’t really an argument. …

If you search the internet you will find a lot of merchandise with the words “Hearts not Parts” as the slogan of the Pansexuals.

It is of course an obvious slogan of Pansexual supremacism that they are better than gay people which the slogan implies don’t have romantic interests, (hearts) but instead only have physical desires (parts).

Of course gay people do have romantic interests as well as physical desires and this slogan is a fairly obvious attack and slander against gay people as well as Lesbians and bisexuals.

This supremacism of this slogan was fairly obvious and apparent and…

UPDATE: See additional appendix at end of this article. Drag queens were BANNED at a Glasgow Pride event. There is some denial of this on Medium which is a denial of the facts. UPDATE2: It seems there are other bannings of drag acts based on one pretext or another. I put the other bannings at the end in an appendix. I group them by event or location. I will add them in as I find them.

It should be recognized that trans ideology seeing that the LGBTQXYZ leadership dreads being called transphobic and hence is unwilling to challange any trans…


I am a gay partisan. See Facebook page, Gay Partisan.

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